Our Resident Core Values

Our Resident Core Values define the promise we make to our residents and our commitment to their wellness and enrichment. We believe our focus on the overall wellness of our residents and our commitment to enriching their lives makes us different from others in our industry.

Resident Core Values for Communities Managed by Mission Health

  • M - Mission Cares. Everyone at Mission Health is dedicated to the health and happiness of our residents through a focus on wellness and enrichment.

  • I - Inviting Communities. Every Mission Health community fosters a sense of belonging. We strive to create a warm and inviting environment where everyone feels welcome.

  • S - Social Living. At Mission Health, we believe that social activities are an important part of an enriching life. We work to provide opportunities for our residents to be socially active and enjoy the vitality of life among friends.

  • S - Spiritual Wellbeing. Mission Health is devoted to promoting a positive spirit that lifts the emotional wellness and quality of life of our residents.

  • I - Innovation. Mission Health encourages innovation to provide better care and a more enriched life for our residents.

  • O - Outstanding Care. Outstanding clinical care is the foundation of everything we do at Mission Health. We commit to our residents' wellbeing by providing high quality care and positive clinical outcomes.

  • N - Nutrition & Dining. Mission Health believes that enjoyable and nutritious meals are central to healthy living, a positive outlook and an active lifestyle.

We Value Your Input

We hold our community to a higher standard and welcome your input.

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