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Roberta Health and Rehab is dedicated to our residents' well-being, and our comprehensive therapy services help to promote a fast recovery and a better quality of life. If you are in the market for Roberta, Georgia physical, occupational and speech therapy services, Roberta should be at the top of your list.

  • Physical Therapy -- Roberta physical therapy provides residents with the possible quality of care while protecting each patient's personal dignity, confidentiality and right to a compassionate model of care. Our pool of physical therapy professionals includes licensed physical therapists and licensed assistants, enabling our community to provide a full scope of physical therapy services to our residents. These services include ambulation, amputation, prosthesis, balance & coordination, closed head Injuries, neuromuscular / neurological disorders, pain management, post CVA, post orthopedic, strengthening, transfer training, and reintegration to community home setting.
  • Occupational Therapy -- Our occupational therapy services are designed to help patients with physical, mental/cognitive, perceptual or developmental disabilities achieve the skills and abilities they need to function independently and accomplish their personal milestones. We offer assistance with the following items: activities of daily living, adaptive equipment, bathing, contracture management, dressing/grooming, eating skills and preparation, fall prevention, general debility, splinting, incontinence management, and upper body strengthening.
  • Speech Therapy -- Roberta therapists specialize in assisting patients with a scope of speech-related disorders and disabilities. Speech therapy services are available for individuals who are experiencing speech and language disorders, voice disorders, cognitive communication disorders, dysphagia and other speech-related issues. We offer perceptional retraining, diet restrictions and evaluations, techniques to improve swallowing, and deep pharyngeal services.

At Roberta, conveniently located in Roberta, Georgia, we take great pride in the quality of occupational, speech and physical therapy services we provide our residents. Contact us to learn more about our offerings. Contact us now to learn more about our offerings.

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